Beginning from ancient times; kings and queens enjoyed mental and spiritual refreshment and resting of their bodies, minds and souls. The rituals they practiced passed from generation to generation; and such rituals constituted our sources of inspiration. Alva Donna Exclusive Spa aims to create an oasis of serenity where ancient and modern refreshing arts practiced by experienced professionals in order to revive such feelings of refreshment.

Keeping SPA from being a combination of water and mud therapies solely; we have converted it into alternative of “soul refreshing” and therefore redefined traditional Spa routines for our guests. We have 2 SPA centres being in the main building and the annex building where various massage types, skin care applications and body masks are offered by experienced experts as a package to our guests. With their special massage rooms, advanced programmes for traditional hammam culture in a comfortable and hygienic atmosphere are available in Turkish hammam. Our saunas, snow rooms, salt rooms and steam rooms have been carefully designed for our guests. Experience this enjoyable journey to tranquillity, purification and refreshment.